By Federico García Lorca Director Marc Chornet Artells




Following Projecte Ingenu's success last season, Lorca's classic is back!

The relationship between Yerma and her husband gradually decays as, despite her desperate yearning, she does not fall pregnant. Life goes by and sadness overwhelms Yerma: the nostalgia of a possible teenage love that never was, the disillusionment of drifting friendships because of children, the loss of her youth and the marital home that is beginning to seem more like a prison. A raw portrait of the most private spheres of our society, where the realest tragedies happen, Yerma's intimate tragedy, the tragedy of not being able to break free from her own body. A contemporary play that reflects on the fecundity of our times.

Yerma – Alba José
Juan – Martí Salvat
Víctor – Xavier Torra
María – Ariadna Fígols
Vieja – Isabel Soriano
Muchacha – Roser Tàpias
Muchacha – Cristina López

Artistic details

Author: Federico García Lorca
Adaptation: Marc Chornet and Anna Maria Ricart
Director: Marc Chornet Artells
Assistant director: Anna Maria Ricart
Stage design: Laura Clos ‘Closca’
Costume design and characterisation: Marta Rafa
Lighting design: David Bofarull
Original music and movement director: Miquel G. Font
Executive producer: Neus Pàmies
Photography: David Ruano
Teatre Akadèmia team:
Artistic director: Guido Torlonia
Head of production: Meri Notario
Head of communication: Míriam Font
Audience management: Rubén Salinas
Assistant art. director: Isabelle Bres
Theatre manager: Enrique Vallejo
Head technician: Pol Queralt
Technician: Lluís Serra