Hamlet I Projecte Ingenu, 5 years and 3 Shakespeares

By William Shakespeare Adapted and directed by Marc Chornet Artells and Raimon Molins

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Projecte Ingenu has grown and, in Shakespeare, has found a teacher who has helped to shape the company’s artistic identity. Now that Projecte Ingenu is celebrating its fifth anniversary, we want to offer the public the chance to see these three plays again in the most Shakespearean theatre in Barcelona: Teatre Akadèmia.

HAMLET. It was seduction, discovering ourselves, our language and all the possibilities that lay before us.
ROMEU I JULIETA. The passion of feeling all our strength, insouciance and carnality.
VAIG SER PRÒSPER. It was the painful but necessary farewell, the rupture. The abandonment of words and the leap into the abyss.


Hamlet is part of not just literary, but also social and universal history. Hamlet has become legendary in western society; its numerous facets shed light on the mysteries of the human personality. Morality and tradition are brought into question by injustice and the plotting of those in power. A furiously current play.

Revisiting William Shakespeare’s work allows us to tackle the great issues faced by humankind throughout history and today: love, betrayal, society versus private life, art, politics, jealousy, envy, family, the monarchy, gender roles, education, war, life after death, faith, etc.

Hamlet is all of us during adolescence, adulthood, old age and on our deathbeds. The great issue of life and death continues to “be” through every life stage: To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Rosa Serra
Jordi Ciurana
Toni Guillemat
Cristina López

Neus Pàmies
Xavier Torra

Artistic details

Author: William Shakespeare
Translation: Joan Sellent
Adapted and directed by: Marc Chornet Artells and Raimon Molins
Stage design and video design: Marc Chornet Artells and Raimon Molins
Lighting: Justo Gallego
Costume design: Projecte Ingenu
Movement: Maria Salarich
Assistant director (Remake): Jaume Viñas
Photo: David Ruano
Teatre Akadèmia team:
Artistic director: Guido Torlonia
Manager and head of production: Meri Notario
Head of communication: Míriam Font
Audience management: Rubén Salinas
Assistant art. director: Isabelle Bres
Theatre manager: Enrique Vallejo
Technical manager: Lluís Serra