A space / a story

The ground floor of 467 Avinguda Diagonal was originally the house’s garage, with an entrance for cars and people.

The building, built in the 1930s, had gradually been adapted to changing needs, until the garage, too small for a six-floor building, could no longer house all the neighbours’ cars.

The space’s location and characteristics seemed to make it perfect for another use: as a theatre.

From the moment the idea germinated, the building’s potential was studied and  the conclusion was made that, with the right technical design, the proposal was viable.

In 2007, the Teatre Akadèmia project was launched.

Ideas regarding the renovation of the space and an artistic vision gradually took shape, with a view to creating a simple,  warm atmosphere,  where the essence of theatre could be revealed.

Activities began with very little infrastructure.

As the space was inhabited and experienced, the form the renovated theatre needed to take became ever clearer.

The ideal team of engineers, architects and stage consultants was found to take on the task and provide viable solutions.

So, as you can see, the project was born with coherence between use, design and artistic aims.

C’est  bien possible!’ concluded the great Anatoli Vasiliev, connoisseur of theatrical spaces, after wandering around the place and stopping at every nook and cranny, during  his first visit before the renovation began. With this endorsement, technical work began.

A team was then formed, with Mercè Managuerra at the head, to set off on the first stage of the project. Sergio Pons, Emilià Carilla, Konrad Zschiedrich, Boris Rotenstein and Jordi Robles have masterfully preserved the idiosyncrasies with which the project was founded until the present day.