Teatre Akadèmia Association

Associació Civil Teatre Akadèmia is the company that manages Teatre Akadèmia and organises its programme.

In order to ensure consistent financial support for the theatre’s activities, and therefore contribute to the Catalan cultural panorama, the Associació Civil Teatre Akadèmia was founded in June 2015.

This private, not-for-profit association has one purpose: to support our theatre’s activities.  The association, financed by the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation – Delegation in Catalonia, is led by Elsa Peretti and dedicated to her father’s memory.

Out of the many projects supported by the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation in Catalonia, Teatre Akadèmia is one of the most ambitious in terms of increasing the visibility of Catalan art and culture in Spain and all over the world.

The Teatre Akadèmia management team:

Artistic director: Guido Torlonia
Theatre manager and Head of production: Meri Notario
Head of communication:: Míriam Font
Audience management: Rubén Salinas
Assistant art. director: Isabelle Bres
Theatre supervisor: Enrique Vallejo
Head technician: Lluís Serra