Evening with Serena Vergano

"Lèxic familiar"

Artistic details

Cast: Serena Vergano
Director: Guido Torlonia
Lights design: Lluís Serra
Video design: Joan Rodón
Photos: David Ruano


Serena Vergano, favourite actress and muse of the Barcelona School of Film in the ’60s and ’70s, is stepping back out onto the stage with "Lèxic familiar".

The actress will reveal secrets from her long artistic career through memories, anecdotes and experiences that have marked her professional and personal life. The evening is intended to be a journey through memory, supported by readings of texts by great poets and authors who have influenced the actress. From Pier Paolo Pasolini to Natalia Ginzburg, via Dacia Maraini, Marguerite Duras, Monica Vitti, Carles Santos, Javier Marías and even Paolo Conte.


*Booking required – placed are limited: info@teatreakademia.cat