Clown Workshop by Carlos March

"Vivito y coleando"


Actors are instruments, which means they must be tuned. They need to discover themselves, then recognise themselves, then start the task of research and investigation. Once they know their instrument (their body and voice), they can enjoy performing, because they know how to manage their resources.

Passion is the motor, the body is the vehicle and desire is the fuel. The road to be travelled is as fascinating as it is arduous.

In these sessions, we will work on the body as the fundamental tool that drives the actor’s research. Alongside vocal work, improvisation and theatrical and rhythmical games, we will reveal each actor’s inner clown.


Those interested should send a CV and photograph addressed to Leo Daiuto to the following address:


Carlos March is an actor, director and performance teacher.

His most outstanding work in terms of musicals includes: Vivitos y Coleando I, II y III, written and directed by Hugo Midón (1989–90–91–92–94); Locos Re Cuerdos, written and directed by Hugo Midón (1995–1996); 101 dálmatas, written and directed by Claudio Gallardou (2000); El Principito by A. de S. Exupery, directed by J. L. Mazza (2003); and Pinocho by C. Collodi, directed by E. Gondell (2004).
His notable theatre work includes: Orquesta de Señoritas by J. Anouilh, directed by Jorge Butrón (1986; 2003; 2016/7); Noche de Reyes by W. Shakespeare, directed by Alberto Ure (1990); Money Money by Ray Cooney, directed by Carlos Moreno (2008).