Faustus and Don Joan, the insatiable desire

Converging conversations at Escenari Joan Brossa and Teatre Akadèmia with Projecte Ingenu


How far will we go to satisfy our infinite, insatiable desire?
This age-old, still-relevant question accompanies us on a journey through the lives of Don Juan and Faust. These two characters come from differing yet similar cultural contexts. They share an individualist nature and both are submerged in constant dissatisfaction, which leads them to defy life’s greatest certainty: death. A defiance often rerouted and liberated through love.
This common characteristic is palpable both in their lives and in the novel Teatre de Don Joan, where Palau i Fabre writes an imaginary dialogue between Faust and Mephistopheles when Don Juan and Faust coincide in hell, where they are judged by a deviless.
Defiance, dissatisfaction, desire and eternal searching are brought together under the theatrical umbrella of Projecte Ingenu on one path that forks into two plays and two different yet similar, characterful theatres.


31 October (Teatre Akadèmia, c/Buenos Aires 47-49)
Talk after the performance of inFAUST from the company, moderated by Enric Umbert, writer and Friend of the Escenari Brossa.

13 February (Escenari Joan Brossa, c/Flassaders 40)
Talk after the performance of Jan/a from the company, moderated by Isabelle Bres, assistant artistic director at Teatre Akadèmia.

Free entry with a ticket for the show on the corresponding day.