Comic Book Drama (Winnipeg)

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A chat around the creation process of a theatre play from a comic.

We will be discussing this with the author, Laura Martel, who is the writer of the comic and Winnipeg’s author and with Laura Maria González and Norbert Martínez, who are Winnipeg’s actress and director, respectively.


Norbert is an actor and director. He belongs to the company of Les Libertàries which he has directed Gemma Brió’s Llibert with (Teatre Almeria 2013, Biblioteca de Catalunya 2014 and Teatro de La Abadía in Madrid 2015, Serra d’Or Award to the best theatre set 2014, two Butaca Awards 2014: to the small size show and text and two nominations to the Max Awards: to the brand new show and author) and ¿La vida es sueño? or #gwenismürfila (La Villarroel Grec Festival 2018). He has also directed Sergi Pompermayer’s Blues (Sala Beckett 2018), Noël Coward’s Vides Privades (Teatre Borràs 2017) or David Hare’s L’habitació blava (Teatre Romea 2012) co-directed by David Selvas or Manel Dueso’s Matem els homes (Teatre Artenbrut 2004), which got the popular award within the 9th Theatre Festival in Barcelona. He has also been the Julio Manrique’s assistant in the shows: Neil Labute’s La forma de les coses; David Mamet’s American Buffalo; David Greig’s L’arquitecte, Mark Ravenhill’s Product; Neil Labute’s Coses que dèiem avui; David Mamet’s Una altra pel·lícula. He has directed some actors within the shows of: Polònia and Crackòvia in TV3 between 2011 and 2014.  


Laura began her professional studies in Performing Arts in La Casona (theatre training and investigation). Afterwards, she did a master at interpretation aimed to cinema, television and theatre in La Bobina, where she worked with directors, such as: Montxo Armendáriz, Santiago Zannou and María Ripoll. She complemented this training with mime and dance with the help of David Vert, Carla Torres, Mai Rojas, Enrique Morales and Maggie Chambaud. She has undertaken some theoretical studies about Federico García Lorca at the University of Granada (UGR). She has played in shows, such as: 3, 2, 1…Zero, which was directed by Óscar García Recuenco and toured in Catalunya, Mexico and Chile. It will soon belong to the broadcast of Barcelona Districte Cultural led by ICUB. She has also been part of Antonio Morcillo’s La Teulada, which was presented within the PIIG’S Festival (Grec Festival 2015). She undertakes and combines her task as an actress, direction and theatre pedagogy.

She has also directed some plays, such as: Bodas de sangre, Las Troyanas and La cantant calba and has won several critics and audience awards within the ‘Jornades Joves de Teatre’ which are run by Teatre Lliure.


Laura has a Bachelor Degree in CCPP and Sociology at the Complutense University in Madrid. She undertook some theatre studies in La Cuarta Pared and also studied cinema in the New York Film Academy. She has major experience within the audiovisual sector as a scriptwriter for cinema and television with some titles, such as: Todos se van, directed by Sergio Cabrera; Y; La Freddy o Witnesses, a Michael Nymann’s artistic project. She has also directed the documentaries: The outer voice, Mi vida en negro and Stock Arrow. She has been the co-writer of: Lo que queda de D. Juan, which was awarded with the award of Cabildo de Gran Canària. In 2015, she published the graphic book of Winnipeg, along with Antonia Santolaya.


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