Vaig ser Pròsper I Projecte Ingenu, 5 years and 3 Shakespeares

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s "The Tempest" Director Marc Chornet Artells

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Projecte Ingenu has grown and, in Shakespeare, has found a teacher who has helped to shape the company’s artistic identity. Now that Projecte Ingenu is celebrating its fifth anniversary, we want to offer the public the chance to see these three plays again in the most Shakespearean theatre in Barcelona: Teatre Akadèmia.

HAMLET. It was seduction, discovering ourselves, our language and all the possibilities that lay before us.
ROMEU I JULIETA. The passion of feeling all our strength, insouciance and carnality.
VAIG SER PRÒSPER. It was the painful but necessary farewell, the rupture. The abandonment of words and the leap into the abyss.


An old man who was once prosperous. A house that was once resplendent. A daughter. Decaying memories to be dug up. Remains of a real past? Fabulations to avoid oblivion?

Shakespeare’s last great play, The Tempest, is the departure point used by Projecte Ingenu to explore the nature of human senectitude. After Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, the company closes out a Shakespearean trilogy by diving head-first into a physical yet poetic, abstract yet earthly brand of theatre.

What are we made of? We are made of memories.

Toni Guillemat
Cristina López
Neus Pàmies
Víctor Rodrigo
Martí Salvat
Rosa Serra
Xavier Torra

Artistic details

An original creation inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Director: Marc Chornet Artells
Stage design: Laura Clos (Closca)
Costume design: Marta Rafa
Audiovisual design: Alfonso Ferri
Sound engineering: Pol Queralt
Original music and vocal arrangements: Neus Pàmies
Choreography and movement: Víctor Josep Rodrigo
Assistant director: Jaume Viñas
Art assistant: Rosa Serra
Stage design assistant: Sergi Corbera
Costume design assistant: Helena Torres
Teatre Akadèmia team:
Artistic director: Guido Torlonia
Manager and head of production: Meri Notario
Head of communication: Míriam Font
Audience management: Rubén Salinas
Assistant art. director: Isabelle Bres
Theatre manager: Enrique Vallejo
Technical manager: Lluís Serra