2nd edition of the Mikro Teatre Festival

Of Teatre Akadèmia Conceived by Cristina Giordana


Peces teatrals curtes


One of the main axes of Teatre Akadèmia is the development of scenic tools, the host of the resident companies and the tight collaboration between actors and directors. To further deep in this task, Teatre Akadèmia has organized Mikro Teatre Festival to give some space and to encourage groups of theatrical artists so that they can show their work within the frame of a short play in front of an audience and a Professional Jury. They will be competing for the Akadèmia Award and the Audience Award.

Con dientes y uñas yo me defiendo I June 14th at 8.30 pm (Show in spanish / Duration: 25 min) Company: Frustractrices

Author: Marc Domingo Carulla
Directors / Cast: Marc Domingo Carulla and Martina Vilarasau
Stage design: Frustractrices

A microcabaret on frustration, born from not feeling valued as an actress. A group of apparently unconnected situations that explore the boundaries of the ridiculous, with hints of irony and the macabre. A bit of shouting to let off some steam. And cheesy music and aesthetics. La noche es joven bailando, mañana ya se verá [The night is young, tomorrow is another day].

Moonlight Blues I June 14th at 9.10 pm (Show in spanish / Duration: 15 min) Company: Cia 015 Culture

Author: Marc Egea
Director: Marc Torrecillas
Cast: Àngels López and Edgar Moreno

‘While the whole world is watching the first man walk on the moon, a man who goes by Peter has gone to a brothel on the outskirts of Las Vegas with a couple of friends. It’s the evening of July 20, 1969. When he’s finally alone with a girl who goes by Marilyn, guilt stops him going any further. The ensuing conversation with Marilyn reveals that she feels the same kind of burden Peter is carrying on his shoulders. What follows is a previously unimaginable complicity between the two.’

Chejovianas, 1973 I June 14th at 9.45 pm (Show in spanish / Duration: 30 min) Company: Meridiano 70 y Medio Teatro

Author, director and stage design: Marcela Terra
Cast: Padi Padilla and Anna Casas
Costume and lighting design: Consuelo Barrera

Two sisters are rehearsing a piece by Chekhov. About ten days ago, there was a coup d’état in Chile, on 11 September 1973. They are locked away waiting for Daniel, a communist actor, who promised to pick them up. While they are waiting, they rehearse. Theatre, always theatre…

I’m late I June 15th at 8.30 pm (Show in spanish / Duration: 20 min) Company: Esgrata

Author: Carlos Be
Director: Laia Alberch
Cast: Georgina Latre and Javier López

Have you had time to experience a real love story?
Didn’t miss your chance?
That’s what we like to hear. That you don’t waste any time. For us, time is golden.

Cafè Hippodrome I June 15th at 9.10 pm (Show in catalan and spanish / Duration: 15 min) Company: Pomodoro

Director and playwright: Rosa Molina
Cast: Óscar Jarque and Eloi Sánchez
Photos: Diego J. Cruz i Carlos Giménez
Promotional video: Clàudia Barberà
Graphic design: Jarmu

1901, Paris. Carles Casagemas goes into a café. He is ready to kill his lover, then himself.
1904, Barcelona. Pablo Picasso is about to make an important decision as an artist. Before, however, he must make a confession.

Beautiful Boyz I June 15th at 9.45 pm (Show in catalan / Duration: 25 min) Company: LaBondage

Director and playwright: Dobrin Plamenov
Cast: Carles Roig and Guillem Balart
Stage design: Xavier Oró

Beautiful Boyz is a piece that shows how far people can go when they are forced to fight for their existence. How does someone communicate when they have never been able to communicate freely? How does someone love when love has always been forbidden for them?

In a deserted park in the middle of the night, they meet with an unpaid debt and risk it all through desire, fear, longing. A common, everyday need brings Beautiful Boyz to two lives on the edge.

Espècies desprotegides I June 16th at 8.30 pm (Show in catalan/ Duration: 25 min) Company: Els Deportats

Author: Alma Alonso
Director: Víctor Àlvaro
Cast: Alma Alonso, David Bagés, Àngela Cervantes and Àngela Jové
Lighting and sound: Marta Vilellas
Stage design: Víctor AlGo
Costume design: Alma Alonso

How do we feel protected, safe? How should we protect the species? Money, love, morals… Espècies desprotegides is a piece about three women in search of lost protection.

FINA. Protected species…unprotected species… protected species…unprotected species; that’s what we are…an unprotected species…Look at you, for example: no flat, no pension, because those shitty €400 they give you can’t be called a pension, it’s not even enough to pay the leccy bill…we’re in the shit, aren’t we?

Three women who, despite firmly believing the species needs to be protected, aren’t sure how to go about it!

Hola, ¿Fumo? I June 16th at 9.10 pm (Show in spanish/ Duration: 15 min) Company: Goddaut

Director and playwright: Rubén Homar
Cast: David Menéndez and Rubén Homar
Director asist.: Laia Alberch
Staging, costume and lighting: Rubén Homar and Laia Alberch

Two apparently enclosed characters question the ban on smoking in that space, where there is no one else but them.

INI (dins) I June 16th at 9.45 pm (Show in catalan/ Duration: 20 min) Company: La Cítrica

Playwright: Montse Folgado
Director: Mercè Solé
Cast: Raül Ferré and Montse Folgado
Lighting: Oriol Mestres
Producer: Jordi Samper

Ini and Pol. A couple of teenagers in peak effervescence. He’s dying to have sex, to make love. She is too, but she doesn’t feel ready. This apparently innocent fact will shape them over the years. As themselves. As all of us.

El ojo y la polla I June 17th at 6.30 pm (Show in spanish/ Duration: 20 min) Company: El Somriure Bàrbar

Author, director and stage design: Pasquale Bavaro Colonna
Cast: Arnau Armengol, Roger Vila and Pasquale Bavaro
Director asist., staging and producer: Alicia Otto
Costume design: Annita Ribera

In thirteenth-century Baghdad, three men meet at a hammam to talk while they take care of their personal hygiene. Everything flows like a normal day, but no one realises that a highly important social transaction is taking place. The victim will be the one who decides to clean up the other’s good name, not through generosity, but because he has fallen for his good friends’ scheming.

Jocs perillosos I June 17th at 7.10 pm (Show in catalan/ Duration: 20 min) Company: La Volcánica

Author: Lara Díez Quintanilla
Director: Lara Díez Quintanilla
Cast: Lara Díez and Ivan Padilla

You could say it’s a couple’s first date, but nothing at all is clear. The conversation wanders on, trying to find a safe port for them both. But they will carry on. They will carry on until the end.

Sis autors a la recerca de personatge I June 17th at 7.45 pm (Show in catalan/ Duration: 17 min)

Author: Ramon Pardina
Director: Pep Garcia-Pascual
Cast: Òscar Llobet, Adrià Díaz and Alba Aluja

Every so often, six authors meet in a mysterious room, as though it were a TV casting, to make their biggest aspiration a reality: for a fictional character to choose them and star in their next piece. A playful parody of Luigi Pirandello’s “Six characters in search of an author”, adapted to the present day, when many writers would do anything it takes to succeed. Who will be the chosen one?

Artistic details

Jury of 2nd edition of the Mikro Teatre Festival in progress.

Teatre Akadèmia Team:
Artistic director: Guido Torlonia
Head of production: Meri Notario
Head of communication: Míriam Font
Audience management: Rubén Salinas
Assistant art. director: Isabelle Bres
Theatre manager: Enrique Vallejo
Technical manager: Pol Queralt
Technician: Lluís Serra